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Async Main in Console App Visual Studio

Async Main in Console App Visual Studio

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Kumar Ashwin Hubert
·Nov 25, 2018·

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Many times we want to create some Pocs for our project wherein we test out other libraries, frameworks, NuGet packages, etc., and a lot of these would be implementing asynchronous programming. Which means, to call these methods exposed by the libraries, NuGet packages, etc. you would have to do a await in your console app. And as you are aware, Main method of Console App needs to be a static void Main(string[] args) and if you try to make the Main method async, you would get the error : Error-on-trying-async-1.png

There are many workarounds for making the async calls from Main method, but I like to keep the Main method async and do an await inside it just like any other method. And this is now possible with C# version greater than 7.1

To do so, Right click on your project and select Properties and navigate to the Build Tab. There, click on Advanced button at the bottom. Advanced-1.png

In the Advanced menu, for the Language Version chose any c# version greater than 7.1 7.1-1.png

In case you can't see C# 7.1 or greater, please install any pending updates to your Visual Studio. And now you can change the Main method to :

 static async Task Main(string[] args)

and do the await inside it. async-1.png

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